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  • dog collar buckle

Knowledge of Plastic Buckles

Some customers have special requirements on the insert buckles for their collars. As there are a few types of buckles, I would like to introduce you the different types and options.   You can read the post below or watch the video directly.     A typical insert buckle used on dog collars [...]

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  • nylon tape dyeing

Dyeing Process of Nylon Tapes

Customizing is one of the key characteristic of nylon tapes, each model of nylon webbing has undergone a dyeing and production process. Here we will introduce the dyeing process of webbing. The dyeing process is generally divided into three stages: pretreatment, dyeing and after-treatment. The front processing is to put the tapes into a mixture [...]

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  • nylon textures

How to Distinguish Nylon Tape Textures?

Many customers enquire us leashes, collars and harnesses in nylon material, with the width, thickness and color information of nylon tapes, but when I ask them about texture, they always have no idea about it. That is because most customers do not have such an in-depth knowledge about nylon tapes. So here we introduce you [...]

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  • nylon webbing

How to Verify Real and Imitated Nylon?

Real nylon and imitation nylon material are very close in appearance and hand feeling. It is not easy to identify them even for professional. We have invited our webbing supplier to record us a video on how to verify real and imitation nylon.   Look at these materials. On the left side, it’s imitation [...]

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Leashes 1

Nylon collar in plain color, plug style. Nylon leash in plain color. Nylon harness A style in plain color. Nylon harness H style in plain color. Item No. Color Size(cm) Qty/ctn Ctn size N.W.KG G.W.KG JW-0404 red/black/blue 1.0*20-31 144 30X20X12 1.8 2.3 JW-0405 red/black/blue 1.5*30-45 144 41X16X17 4.0 4.5 JW-0406 red/black/blue 2.0*35-50 144 43X21X24 [...]

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