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Videos About Productions

You might be interested in seeing how the leashes, collars and harnesses are produced in factory. So We’ve recorded a few videos from our daily productions showing some detailed processes as well as the general process from webbing weaving to assembly, stitching, sewing.

Our highly efficient machines and skilled workers, ensure great quality control and workmanship during peak seasons.

Weaving of Nylon Webbing

Webbing is a major material on a dog lead, collar and harness. From this video you can see how the nylon webbing is made.

Production Process – Sewing

Feeling curious about how the leashes, collars and harnesses are produced in factory? Watch this videos in our factory.

Cutting of Material

It’s the details that really make a difference. In our production, webbing are cut in beveled edge for better connections.

Production of Leather Collars

This videos shows the complete production process of how leather collars are made from material cutting to final packing.

How to Verify Nylon Material

There are real and imitated nylon materials in the market which is difficult to identify. This video shows you how to verify them.

Printing Process of Color Labels

As part of OEM service, we print color labels in our customers’ designs with our high quality printer. We do not mix different designs in one print, to avoid color difference.