How to Verify Real and Imitated Nylon?

Real nylon and imitation nylon material are very close in appearance and hand feeling. It is not easy to identify them even for professional. We have invited our webbing supplier to record us a video on how to verify real and imitation nylon.


Look at these materials. On the left side, it’s imitation nylon material and on the right side, it’s real nylon material.

First of all, both nylon and imitation nylon are glossy from the appearance.

Secondly, they both feel soft but nylon is even softer than imitation nylon.

Thirdly, when checking the size of yarns, the yarns on both materials are quite small.

So under the slight difference, it is very difficult for you to verify them.

Here I tell you a simple way in which you could identify nylon and imitated nylon very easily, that is by burning.

First we light the imitation nylon, when the material is burning, you can see a lot of black smoke coming out, it’s black smoke, a lot of smoke. Then we put out the fire and see the remaining after burning, it’s black color and in powder. Touch it with the finger, you can see some black powder on your fingers, that is how it looks on imitation nylon.

Then we light the pure nylon, we can see that apparently there is less smoke than imitation nylon. And you the smoke is in white color while on the imitation nylon, the smoke was in black color. Then we put out the fire and see the remaining. The remaining is melted, while on imitated nylon, it was powdered. Then we touch it with finger, basically nothing will be left on your fingers.

That is how we can verify real nylon and imitation nylon materials. Hope this can be helpful.

Both pure nylon and imitation nylon materials are used on our products, it’s all up to our customers’ decisions and our recommendations. It is difficult to simply say which material is better but each of them has their own strengths and advantages. In our future posts, we will explain further about the characteristic of different materials. Thank you.