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Some customers have special requirements on the insert buckles for their collars. As there are a few types of buckles, I would like to introduce you the different types and options.


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A typical insert buckle used on dog collars and harnesses consists of a male part and a female part. On the female part, there is one stop, on the male part there are 2 stops. In production, the webbing goes through the 1 stop end then sewn and fixed with the D-ring. And on the other end, webbing goes through this stop with anti-slippery grips for size adjustment. This is the basic function of an insert buckle.


collar buckle


Below picture is a buckle includes an extra lock for better security. This type of buckle is more used on safety harnesses. Move to one side to lock, move to the other to unlock. You can insert the male part even if it is in the lock position.


buckle with lock


There are also buckles with smooth surface or with frames as below. The framed area can be added with a logo.


plastic buckle for dog collar


Another important character is the extra lock at the bottom. Take a closer look at the detail, you can see the structure of this buckle is different from the normal one. This model adds extra locking without changing the whole design, only with 2 small extra holes at the bottom area. You can also see the internal structure is different.



All these buckles I have shown are in plastic, to be more accurate, they are polyoxymethylene, POM for short. POM has a very high mechanical strength, fatigue resistance, abrasive resistance. It is called metal plastic. These properties make it the ideal material for plastic buckles.


Apart from plastic buckles, there are also metal buckles for higher demand and higher end products. You can choose female part in metal, male part in plastic or both parts in metal. With metal material, there are more options in finishing: chrome, pearl finish, mat black finishing etc. And with the matching snap hook, D-rings and O-rings, you can make your leashes, collars and harnesses different from your competitors.


metal buckles


These are the buckles for dogs. There are also buckles for cats. For the dog buckles, they must be able to lock very securely but for cat buckles, they must be able to release to make the cat safe. They are basically in the same style and materials as dog buckles but the inside structure is different.


buckles for cat collars


In future I will post more content on our blog to share with you the knowledge all around dog leashes, collars and harnesses I have learnt these years.

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