Dyeing Process of Nylon Tapes

Dyeing Process of Nylon Tapes

Customizing is one of the key characteristic of nylon tapes, each model of nylon webbing has undergone a dyeing and production process. Here we will introduce the dyeing process of webbing.

The dyeing process is generally divided into three stages: pretreatment, dyeing and after-treatment. The front processing is to put the tapes into a mixture of chemical raw materials liquid and boil it for about two to three hours. Its main purpose is for the webbing to better absorb the dyed raw materials and dyeing more evenly.

The dyeing of raw materials and dyeing temperature should be based on the types of webbing materials. Based on the future use and characteristics of the ribbon, we need to develop a suitable dyeing scheme, and then we can start dyeing. Generally, the dyeing time is in 2-4 hours.

The last process is after-treatment. Although it is the last step, it is important because it relates to the strength of webbing. The specific operation process is to boil the belt repeatedly, boil in hot water, wash cold water, repeat it for several times before the completion, and finally add solid color oil. This will take another 2-4 hours.

After the complicated operations, the dyeing process is finished.