How to Distinguish Nylon Tape Textures?

Many customers enquire us leashes, collars and harnesses in nylon material, with the width, thickness and color information of nylon tapes, but when I ask them about texture, they always have no idea about it. That is because most customers do not have such an in-depth knowledge about nylon tapes. So here we introduce you some types of textures on nylon tapes.

Nylon webbing is mainly divided into: plain texture, twill texture, herringbone texture, small wavy texture, hollow texture, pit texture and some other special textures of the ribbon. Here you see pictures of each type:

plain texture,

plain texture


twill texture,

twill texture


herringbone texture,

herringbone texture


small wavy texture,

small wavy texture


hollow texture,

hollow texture


pit texture

pit texture


With these pictures you should be able to understand the differences.